The National Turf Education Working Group ( NTEWG )
The National Turf Education Working Group was formed in 2003 following the National Turf Education Forum held during the 19th Australian Turfgrass Conference in Adelaide. The working group has over the years included industry leaders such as Scott Mackay, Graeme Logan, John Odell, Adam Robertson and Daryl Sellar as well as legendary teachers such as Phil Ford, Frank Dempsey,  Brian Dale, Steve Dargey, Garry Dawson and Peter Le Riche.

The groups major focus is to monitor the educational pathway within the turf industry and make recommendations to Agrifoods on all issues affecting the pathway and its delivery. It is hoped the committee will increase communication between all parties and work towards creating a greater level of national consistency. To date The National Education Working Group has produced a number of resources for students as well as Delivery and Assessment Guides to aid RTOs deliver the Turf Apprenticeship to a National Minimum endorsed by Industry Associations across Australia.

We are constantly looking for suggestions and issues regarding education that the industry in general feels needs to be addressed. The group is scheduled to meet biannually and is happy to address any issues or concerns brought to it. The following representatives make up the National Education Working Group.

  • Simone Staples (A.G.C.S.A.)
  • Bruce Davies (C.I.T. ACT)
  • Wade Turner (NSWBGA/Queanbeyan B.C.)
  • Jim Porter (STA, VIC)
  • Frank Dempsey (STA, NSW)
  • John Forrest (Challenger TAFE, WA)
  • Hugh Gardner (STA, WA)
  • Peter Le Riche (TAFE SA)
  • Gary Lee (QLD TAFE)
  • Albert Sherry (Kurri TAFE)
  • Ian Clarke (TAFE NSW)
  • Malcolm Harris (NSWGCSA/Northbridge Golf Club)
  • Graham Hart (Wodonga TAFE)
  • Peter Fitzgerald (Gordon TAFE)

For further information about the National Turf Education Working Group, contact AGCSA Education Manager Simone Staples on (03) 9548 8600 or simone@agcsa.com.au

WA members wanting information can contact John Forrest (john.forrest@smtafe.wa.edu.au) or Hugh Gardner (hugh.gardner@iinet.net.au)