WA Turf Industry Development Officer
During 2009 the STA (WA) began employing the part time services of an administration assistant for approximately 6 hours each week. In 2011, with the financial assistance of the Turf Growers Association of Western Australia and administrative guidance from Turf Australia, the STA (WA) were able to secure financial assistance via capacity building grants from Horticulture Australia Limited and promote the professional status of this position as an Industry Development Officer for a three year tenure.
On a day to day basis the WA Turf IDO assists the STA (WA) and TGA WA with organisation and co-ordination of association owned events.
The principal role of the WA Turf IDO is through effective professional communication, co-ordination and collaboration with all members within the WA Turf Industry and most especially with relevant state government departments and other major NGOs within WA. By maintaining such an active presence the WA Turf IDO seeks to be a proactive influence upon policy direction, decision making and collaborative initiatives, ensuring wherever possible a sustained and prosperous future for the Western Australian Turf Industry.